About Us


Medilight Pvt Ltd was founded to leverage emerging Science and technology to address the problems in Health care and Education domains. We are a well-known brand in the Healthcare industry serving on a Pan-India basis with a network of offices in various locations.

Our businesses address the key challenging problems faced by mankind through unique and innovative solutions. Our passion to solve critical issues that we are facing led us to create a wide range of products/solutions that transforms millions of lives.

Our products/services are technologically sophisticated and advanced that will address the present and future needs effortlessly.


“To bring a change in the education system through introduction of Activity oriented learning with the addition of a digital technological interface”.
Learning has to happen with an activity based teaching involving more fun & engagement.
Every child has to apply the learn knowledge appropriately for his future career development.


The recent report from UNESCO clearly stated that “ education system in India is Fifty years backward when compared to developed countries like USA, Netherlands, South Korea and Finland”. Our research on education system in India found two gaps compared to developed countries, those are the lack of “Active learning” and lack of “Application of the learned knowledge”.