Learn & grow without judgement

Research has shown that practical oriented teaching is the best methodology for child’s knowledge gaining & retention.

Studynlearn package is based on the concept of multi-sensory learning. This involves the use of multiple senses of the child to deliver the concepts through audio-visual and text based Education content. With multi-sensory learning, your child is able to learn faster and also able to retain the concepts for much longer periods.

Convenience of Learning:

Digital content for students to learn conveniently anytime, without the hassle of being restricted to the classroom.

Ease ofLearning:

With 2d/3d animation-based content, learning is interactive & memorable.

Improve & grow:

Self assessment tests provide mentoring to broaden knowledge and improve oneself, without being judged.

Relevant to all Boards:

Content is carefully mapped to ICSE/CBSE & State Boards.


•  A Powerful Platform that provides K-12 digital content for students studying in CBSE, ICSE, and various state boards.

•  High Quality and practical oriented digital content

•  High Definition Animated videos for every grade to understand easily

•  A style of teaching Concepts that results in a crystal clear understanding.

•  Capabilities to run both in offline and online mode.

•  Learn, Revise and Practice modes

•  A Powerful assessment environment.

•  Over 1 lac questions to practice.

•  A Mentor-Support feature on the go (24*7).