Making AI accessible to all


The age-old practice of conventional Blackboard teaching in the existing schools and colleges led to a non-interactive and unpleasant learning experience. Nonimplementation of NO BLACKBOARD/NO WHITE BOARD idea resulted in a classroom environment that didn’t foster collaboration and Coordination. In this digital era, there are many tools and technologies available for us to use which can bring a significant impact on the delivery of quality education.

Our sophisticated products/services will help you overcome each of the existing problems in a smooth and orderly fashion. Our Smart Digital Classrooms will help students, Teachers and Management to deliver outstanding quality education and help you in reaching your academic targets/goals.

Classroom anywhere:

Our smart gadgets enable you to relay lessons on any flat surface, anywhere.

Cost-effective real-time learning:

With artficial intelligence (AI) & intelligent computing in place, time-consuming problems can be solved instantly.

Easy Tutoring:

Tutors or educators have the ease of conducting group activities with various smart tools.


Global classroom possibility:

AI enables students from different parts of the world to interact with each other, curate content and learn extensively, without geographical boundaries.


• Raise the standards of existing Education

• Measure classroom engagement

• Bridge student-teacher communication gap

• Outperform other schools by providing students and teachers with a unified learning experience.

• Measure Class Room Effectiveness

• Assess student teacher performance

• Reach their academic goals and objectives at a faster rate

• Set new benchmarks in the Education Landscape

• Have a competitive edge over other schools

• Achieve their performance and enrolment targets